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Blu Technologies is the authorised distributor of effective and green sustainable aquarium equipment and consumables below, to provide solutions for:

Remove Animal Smell and Contaminants – AtmosAir B-ipolar Ioniser

Animal exhibits and/or aquariums may develop unpleasant odour from uneaten food, unclean aquarium filters, animal dander and faeces. AtmosAir bi-polar ioniser is proven in removing animal and chemical smell, disinfect air and surfaces, without harmful by product such as Ozone. It also reduces Coronavirus by more than 99%. Click Here for more details.

Chemical Free Cleaning – Tersano SAO

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) is a chemical free sanitiser and disinfectant, which is safe for cleaning animal areas as it eliminates contaminants such as E.coli, Salmonella, mould, and even reducing SARS-Cov2 virus by 99.999%! Click Here for more details.

Nanotech Bio-Media - Maxspect

Highly compact, porous and inert ceramic beads, manufactured to effectively house diverse bacterial colonies, and will not decompose by colonies growing within it.

Affordable Quality Aquarium Salt Mix – Marinium

Marinium Synthetic Sea Salt is a reliable salt used for marine aquariums to house fish, algae, corals and crustaceans. It is enriched with vitamins, various trace elements and dechlorinator. All ingredients are carefully selected, ensuring absence of pollutants such as phosphate and nitrate. It is ideal for long term use with high buffering compound to cater for sudden pH and alkalinity decline.

Tersano products are available for purchaseat our Lazada Official Store.Please email us for AtmosAir, Maxspect and Marinium enquiries, thanks.

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