The Curve Mall in Mutiara Damansara commissioned Aquablu to design and build an aquarium to let city kids observe the wonders of reef fish in a jetty themed habitat.

The 5.2m x 1.5m x 1m, 1-ton steel tank with acrylic panel was hoisted up almost 2 storeys high. It passed pedestrian bridges, reeled through the shops’ hallway, and finally positioned into Curve’s Kids Zone on first floor.

Blu Technologies installed the filtration system, introduced the fishes, and now keeps the aquarium pristine and fishes healthy. Mall visitors and children enjoy discovering various species of colourful reef fishes in the aquarium. We are excited it may be a start for city children to see and love fishes, and hopefully get involved in ocean and fish conservation in time.

Bar Blu

Bar Blu

High Rollers and VVIP reception lounge, Highland Hotel.

Located 250km from Kuala Lumpur City and on top of Genting Highland resort. Due to a short construction time, the 30 ton tank had to be prefabricated off-site and logistically put in place within 24 hours. Another hurdle was the excess point of the tank location is through a 5.5 x 3.5 m opening, to logistically fit a 12 x 3.8 x 3m, 30 ton tank into position. This was achieved in 17 hours and process can be seen on the next pages.

Habib Jewels

Habib Jewelers

Habib Flagship Retail Shop

The largest live coral reef tank in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur shown in the exclusive flagship jewelry boutique. The largest requirement was the installation of the whole tank and cabinet work will need to be completed within 24 hours. All installation went well and timeline was achieved. The installation process can be seen on the next pages.

Burger & Lobster Restaurant & Holding Tanks

Burger & Lobster

Genting Highlands, Malaysia, 2016

Lobster Holding System – design, build and maintain.

In partnership with Aquablu, Blu Technologies designed, built and maintains the display lobster aquarium of the restaurant, and a lobster storage system that holds 2 tonnes of live lobsters at any one time.